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Eight signs you are under spiritual attack - Part 6

We will cover three signs that were in part one.

1. You are unusually sluggish and tired. A lack of energy and vitality are often the result of an extended attack. These issues can occur with natural problems, lack of sleep, or health battles. In this case though, the root cause is the effect of prolonged spiritual battles.

Have you ever asked yourself, “when will this test end?” or “why am I still failing the same test over and over?”

These unending tests and failures can sometimes come back to us because “WE” won’t change. It may not be the person. You may be failing it or still dealing with it because you won’t change, you won’t forgive, or you won’t stay out of a situation that is totally out of your control. Ask yourself if you are doing these things. Stop letting your mind be occupied so heavily that you can’t sleep, are sluggish as result of not sleeping, and are tired.

2. This can also take you into our next sign: You have a strong urge to quit your assignment. You are so tired and sluggish when it comes to your ministry!

Every believer is born with unique purpose. As God created a purpose for each believer, He also gave unique gifts and grace to fulfill that plan. When a person is living in the high calling, they will prosper in various areas. They will receive financial blessing by excelling in the area that God has called them to. They will feel satisfied and fulfilled living out their destiny.

Simply put, the enemy hates when a believer is boldly walking out their purpose and plan. He does all that he can to MOVE the Christian way from their destiny. During an attack, he will overwhelm them with thoughts and desires to give up and abandon their post! This is one of his greatest purposes behind spiritual attacks.

You can’t let him win. When you know that you are walking in your destiny and calling you have to continue to say to yourself:

He knew me before the foundation of the world, and told me to do this.

The gifts and the calling are irrevocable. No one can take you away from what God has called you into.

Become like Paul, and pray for boldness!

3. Our third, and final point today is when you are questioning direction and call that was once clear, you are also under attack.

As the enemy attacks the life of a believer, he begins to give them reasons to give up on the very thing that God called them to. This is one of his master tools. He releases confusion, shame, intimidation, and a variety of vile schemes to create a cloud of uncertainty. Again, his ultimate goal is to get a believer off the pathway of destiny.

A person who is under attack may find themselves deeply questioning the road that they are traveling. Usually, they begin to reexamine decisions that were once crystal clear. Other times, a person in the midst of an attack will question prophetic words, spiritual breakthroughs, and significant experiences that they had. This is a step toward moving backwards in the Spirit.

Don’t let him intimidate you! If you didn’t know, satan is a liar, deceiver, schemer, seeks to destroy and kill.

Greater is HE that is IN YOU, than HE that is in the world!

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