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A None Comparison Thought

Good day Precious Doves of God! I trust that you are enjoying this Saturday of your 2-day weekend. It's still "summer" outside! There's still lots of beautiful foliage to view outside; there's just a lot of God's beautiful creation to be seen and enjoyed. You may need to jump in the car and take just a short drive to an area to enjoy such scenery; or it may be in your own back yard.

One scenery that comes short in no way is that of trees. They come in all sizes, with leaves of different types and colors; and even the trees themselves tend to have various shapes and protractions of the limbs, depending on the type of tree and the area/climate in which they grow. And so today we will briefly focus on "Timing" as it pertains to our likeness of trees for the Kingdom/Purpose of God. But, first let me tell you a little "Tree Story" of my own.

Some time ago, while living in San Antonio, Texas, I was renting an apartment. Right in front of my walkway, as I come down the steps, were 2-Evergreen Trees. One tree was obviously an older tree. It's size was broad in width and height. The other tree was younger, bearing a much smaller circumference, and having less dense branches, though they were full branches for its size.

Every year when the time for blooming would come; I would expect the older/larger tree to bloom first. Though both trees would start the blooming process at the same time, one would out bloom the other. Guess what Doves? It was the younger Evergreen that would surge ahead and come to full fruition before the older tree, every time. I thought that was really odd. It would even seem as though the older/bigger Evergreen was not going to get to where it should because it took longer to complete the process. I would stand there and just ponder the thought of the timing of the process and wonder why.

Now, it was God who had caused me to ponder those trees and consider what the problem may have been that caused the larger tree to bloom last. One day, the Lord spoke to me and said, just as the older Evergreen bloomed slower than the younger Evergreen, so it is with my purpose and timing in my peoples lives, as it pertains to "Ministry" & Life! You see, it turned out that the older tree turned out with a deeper color, put out a very strong fragrance, was much more dense in branches and needles, wider in circumference and lasted the

longest when the time came for the needles to fall off.


Be not dismayed at the appearance or realization of others moving/surging ahead when it comes to life endeavors and especially ministry! As in this example of the Evergreen Tree at my doorsteps, there is no comparison of thought to be considered. Why? Simple; because God has ordered our steps, we are engraved in the palms of his hands and he will not forget us or our time (Isaiah 49:14-16).....Be at peace concerning this issue; many of you are "End-Time" Ministry in waiting, about to be unleashed upon the forces of darkness in a mighty way, as others are presently. God's timing is in your favor. This timing also covers the natural desires and aspects of the lives of many of Gods' people. The thing to do is continue to "Believe", "Prepare" and "Wait for It"! It shall come at the appointed time and "AGE" is no barrier nor deterrent before God!

**Food for Thought**

(Scripture #1) - (Isaiah 61:11> For as the earth bringeth forth her bud, and as the garden causeth the things that are sown in it to spring forth; so the Lord God will cause righteousness and praise to spring forth before all the nations.

**We are growth (Spiritual Foliage) in/for Gods' Divine Garden (Kingdom of God). We have been divinely picked/chosen/planted and positioned as a beautiful tree upon this earth. As a "tree for Gods' purpose", we have various functions in accord with our individual "God-Given" nature and giftings.

**For Example: As a nurtured & fervent tree, we metaphorically could be...

-(1) Shade, via Gods' Word, to cover and relieve the soul that's being scorched by the atrocities of life in general

-(2) Facilitator of supernatural miracles for the soul needing help when facing a naturally impossible dilemma

-(3) Healing venue sent of God for the afflicted/infirmed, body, soul or spirit

-(4) The source of giving of our "God-Given" resources to help the destitute/naked/needy

(Scripture #2) - (Psalm 92:12> The righteous man will flourish like the palm tree: he shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon.

**We are likened unto the nature of a "Palm Tree" Doves! Though the tree "endures" (not give in or die under the pressure) burdened effects of nature's elements, it benefits from those elements. These elements cause the "Palm Tree" to strive/shoot upwards and high in elevation. For ourselves, we could view this as the proverbial saying goes ("what doesn't kill you makes you stronger")!

**The point of timing for a "Palm Tree" in tropical climate, warm weather and plentiful water, is "30-Years". This is the timing for a common "Palm Tree" to reach maturation. Isn't it something that even though "JESUS" was born to be the Ransom for the "Sin of the World", he too was subjected to natural timing & maturation by God. The designated till the launch of his ministry was "30-Years"; the same as the "Palm-Tree"! "JESUS" had to grow under/in subjection to the natural elements of "life", which in turn yielded him mature and ready by (Gods' Standard) to deliver a service of great magnitude, even unto "DEATH"......

And so Doves, I leave you with this charge..."Ponder not the "Timing", "Compare" not the "Purpose"...Our times are in Gods' Hands!......Selah!

By Debra Wright

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