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Are You Angry With God ~~ Behind That Smile?

Hello Doves! I just want to touch on a very real and pertinent circumstance of mind in these challenging times.

As we all know, a lot of people have been displaced, ushered into situations of unemployment, needing food and not having enough, short on cash, sick and can't seem to get well and very unsure of their future. All this and more stemming from Common Circumstances as well as an unknown "VIRUS".....(Corona Virus)!

People are not just angry in many cases; but they are "Angry With God".... Yes, and as a highlighted note; "some" if not "many" are "People of God"! Yeah, that's right! "People of God" are angry too! Are you shocked? Well, you really shouldn't be. Anger is a Real, Natural & God Given ~ Emotional Response! It is also acknowledged in Scripture by God!

****(Psalm 37:8) ~ Cease from anger...

****(Proverbs 15:1) ~ Grievous words stir up anger...

****(Proverbs 15:18) ~ Slowness to anger appeases strife...

****(Ecclesiastes 7:9) ~ Anger lives in a fool's bosom...

****(Ephesians 4:26 ~ Be Angry, but don't sin because of it...

And so we see that "Anger" is a part of human nature in general. But, the question is, "Are You Angry With God" behind your "Smile", "Praise", "Worship" etc..

Oh, but you can be and outwardly portray complete happiness, especially in front of those we want to see us as being on top of it all and having it all together. We know what to say, how to say it, and who to say it to! It's just an outward presentation! And while we might fool one another outwardly, we can never fool our God outwardly or inwardly! He already knows; in fact Scripture confirms...

(Psalm 139:2), tells us "God knows when we sit and when we rise; he knows our thoughts before they get to us to express them..

Therefore, we can go to God, in prayer, and just be honestly real about our feelings. "HE ALREADY KNOWS"! Guess what? He's not like the proverbial "Big Brother", just waiting to hit you over the head with a stick; speak a command that you live no more from that point on; unleash a bucket of wrath and pain upon you for being truthful and real with him. God knows us all and the last thing "He" wants is for his people to be afraid to come to "Him" in honesty and normalcy!

It's in these heartfelt communications that we discover and experience God's loving hand of healing, deliverance, understanding and more concerning those things which we may feel, forsaken or betrayed in!

Another important thing to remember; when we are angry at someone, the normal response is to back away and put distance between ourselves and them. If we do this with God (which Satan takes great delight in seeing us do to his advantage) we only shut down our intimate communication and time spent with him. This will ultimately cause a work stoppage or hindrance of the flow of his purpose, plans and Spirit in our lives!

Tell It To Jesus; He Already Knows... "Just A Thought Doves"

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