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Life has been pretty busy with a new pastoral position, losing my mother, and along with being busy, I decided to do a liver detox for 21 days. In the 21 days, I realized I need to take care of my physical body as well as I take care of my spiritual one. Detoxing has allowed me to readjust my eating habits, eat smaller proportions, eat healthier, and fast food is not an option. I’m also not trying to push a lifestyle change and what we eat on anyone, but I am suggesting we all take a look and realize how we take care of our physical temple.

I also decided to teach/facilitate a class on anger, anxiety, depression, self-image, critical thinking and more by June Hunt. You are always welcome to join us on Wednesday evenings at Christian Life Center in the discussions. It is so important to relieve ourselves from stress that we can control. I have started that and will continue to alleviate what causes me to experience any of the above mentioned topics that can lead to depression.

Another change was to exercise regularly. I keep that schedule, no matter what. This has caused me to lose weight, feel better mentally and physically. 

Dove’s Cry WHW, Inc. writings have always been writings to inspire, challenge, put you back into the word, and that’s what we will continue to do physically, spiritually, and mentally.

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