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I’m in the process of studying communion in the eyes of various religions, and the memory as a child taking communion at the church I was raised has my mind going back to how significant is communion for us today? I remember attending foot washing service, being called down to the altar, row by row by the ushers. Then, they would offer us communion, and we would take it and the ministers would lay their hands on our anointed heads and pray for us. It was a time of blood songs sung like, “oh, the blood of Jesus that washes white as snow”,…”I see a Crimson stream of blood that flows from Calvary”, and many more songs.

Have we lost the respect of communion? Has it become a routine? Have you made communion part of your time at home …sitting in silence before the Lord, asking him to examine your heart?

What did I learn new or was reminded? Well, communion helps our eyes to be open to recognize Jesus died on the cross, we remember his resurrection and his ascension. Communion takes us back to the darkest hours on the cross. Communion helps us to rebuild the inner workings of our mind. Communion causes us to have a renewed hunger to be transformed, to be one in Christ, one with each other, and one with the world. How can we be one with the world? These readings helped me remember traveling to Greece, Spain, Africa and Italy and watching the people in churches share in communion. We all believe that Jesus died, he rose again, he ascended, and so will we! Communion brings us together as one! Look at the book of Acts, chapter 2, they were teaching, having fellowship, breaking bread and having prayer, and as a result the church grew daily! 🙌🏽🙌🏽

We are living in such a different time now. Oh, the days of old. . .let’s go back to the remembrance of what communion in a church really is together.🛐

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