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Praise & Peace Doves! During this time of great test, trials and for many, much uncertainty we don't want to began to feel hopeless or weary by any means! We must resolve to stay the course as not just "Women", but as the "Mourning Women" of this day for such a time as this!


Some years ago a very familiar acronym was used to emphasize the importance of our roles in approaching God in prayer with great expectation of outcome! It is that same acronym that I suggest as our banner of perseverance for these times and situations we are facing today!


And so Doves, I submit this charge to us all today, knowing that it will yield for us, our families, friends and "yes" even our enemies, a greatly desired outcome! It may be blessings, healings, deliverance, salvation, peace, comfort or whatever is needed for such a time as this!


Pray Until The Devil Get's Mad And Abandon His Post

Utilize All Manner Of Prayer As Is Fit For The Fight

Shout The Victory Of God's Word Over The Matter

Hail The One Lord/God Sitting Alone On The Throne


~💦🌼💦🌼Pray Until Something Happens🌼💦🌼💦~

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