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Protect Your Ear-gate 2

Good Afternoon Doves! I greet you in the "1" and only name given under heaven among men, whereby we must be saved! That name is "Jesus" (Acts 4:12)! May the peace and love of God be your constant and continual lead, guide and protection now and in the days ahead!😍

Today we continue on our study of the last of 3-Gates for this topic of "Deliverance, Final Frontier to Bondage! I want to reiterate a statement I made in our posting on July 28th,

wherein I said I would follow up in the next weeks' posting investigating 2-terms as they pertain to our "Ear Gate". They were:

********(Seed) - a source of development or growth

********(Sower) - one that sets something in motion

I just want to inform you that although I have not yet done that; I certainly will. I decided I would cover those terms in our last posting of this Gate rather than early on as previously stated.

Today I want to start by making reference back to last weeks' posting, which I mistakenly dated (August 8th, 2018). Our lovely Dove Mary made a comment on a statement that I had written concerning the "Body" being a "Servant" to the "Spirit". To refresh you on her comment/question here is a reprint:

****Excellent writing! Question on the spirit controlling the body. I can see that happening if we are fasting, studying the word, praying, But the natural man’s body is in control majority of the time. If our spirit were the dominant one, we would all be where we should be, right?****🤔

Although I have already responded to her question through "messenger", I would like to respond today to hopefully give clarity to my statement.

****The spirit "employs" or gives "work" to the "body". This is why at death, when the "spirit" exits the "body", the "body" ceases (brings or comes to an end) it's physical functions.

We in turn will either bury, cremate, or vault the body as closure and memorialization. It's "Master Employer" (spirit), which is the real living entity (something that has a separate and distinct existence) has departed the building (body).

And so "yes" Dove Mary's statement is correct concerning the ruling by the "Holy Spirit" which the body would subject/serve itself under if disciplined by "Prayer, Fasting, Word of God". Likewise, if not serving the Holy Spirit, there will be "A" spirit on the throne to which the flesh will "serve"(Romans 6:16-22),

(Ephesians 2:2), (Romans 8:15).

Jesus said his spoken words are "spirit/life". Words spoken and heard spoken are a spirit let loose to give life or to subdue (hold within limits and control) life (John 6:63). The sounds/words received willfully into the "Ear Gate" are either giving, taking or altering the life intended for us by our Father God! This fact further upholds the fact of the many verbal tragedies that have been repetitively forced upon children, men and women by someone speaking in anger towards them. Then too, words that may come our way due to situations and locations other than by choice can affect us also. That is why we need our check and balance operatives in place and applied (reading the Word, Praying, Fasting, Worshiping, Praising, Meditation on God's Word).

Just like with the "Mouth Gate" (things spoken), the "Eye Gate" (things seen), even so the "Ear Gate" (things heard) have an imprinting affect (yielding result/consequence) on our spirit-man. And so that would be our natural lives also! Therefore, when we come face to face with situations in life, whatever we have heard will regurgitate in our spirit and we will govern ourselves accordingly, be it "true" or "false".

"What are we "HEARING" - What are we "LISTENING" to willfully? In other words Doves, "HOW YOU LIVING" is impacted by what your are "HEARING". And we wonder why so many Children of God are "fruitless" and living defeated lives in various ways! This ought not be and does not have to be!

In closing today, I want to give you some information on "Ear Wax". Ear Wax is a "build up" of dead cells, hair, dust and other foreign bodies. These foreign bodies attach to the ear wax (cerumen). The primary function is to protect the "Ear Drum". Ear Wax is generally only a problem if we, in attempt to clean it out, improperly, pushing it and all those attached

foreign objects inwardly/deeper into the ear. This causes over accumulation of wax that hardens. The affect can be ear aches, pain blockage and most of all dulling of hearing.

Doves, if we make a "Spiritual Ear Gate" comparison to these natural results on ear wax problems we can say in a manner of speaking - (1) Ear Wax = Word of God Truth & Life; (2) Dead Cells, Hair, Dust, Foreign Bodies = Life Depleting Substances, Hindrance to Fruit Bearing, Slowness of Spiritual/Godly Maturity, Dullness towards the Sounds of Truth.....

Again I say to you Doves; Shhhh! Did you hear that? What are you listening to? What have you heard? "Guard the "EAR GATE".....Selah!

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