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Resisting Our Enemy Satan

********Put Him On The Run********

Are we "Resisting" or are we "Accommodating"? That is the question for us this day Doves. What do you think of meaning wise when you hear the word "Resist"? And what do you think of when you hear the word "Accommodate"?

The word "Accommodate" is a verb which means to provide sufficient space for something/someone; or to adapt to something; or to fit in with the wishes or needs of something or someone.....

The word "Resist" means to go against the action or effect of something; to prevent something from happening by putting forth an action or argument; to succeed in ignoring the attraction of something wrong or unwise......

Since our posting for today's message is on "Resisting", it is from the Biblical Definition that we pose our question for today. I first want to point out the fact that when it comes to the term "Resist", most people, even Christians accept a non-active definition, as stated above. That definition is "to succeed in ignoring something". That definition blots out and weakens the true power which we have been delegated to use in the Body of Christ against the forces of Hell!

The Word of God tells us in (James 4:7) "Submit yourselves to God and "Resist" the Devil. The guarantee is that Satan and his hierarchy will flee from us. Guaranteed! Now the prerequisite here is that we first "Submit" (yield to ones admonition or advice; obey; subject one's self to/under). And this is our life in Christ; "Trust & Obey".

Next the Scripture tells us to "Resist" the devil. Unlike that portion of definition that talks of ignoring the attraction of something wrong or unwise, the Biblical definition yields a more "Military Command" type of definition. You see Doves, God never meant for us to sit back and keep saying the Lord rebuke you Satan, which is true however; but he said "Resist". That word, Biblically means to (withstand, oppose, face up to him). That means you act against him in an "anti" manner. It also means that you don't wait for him to get on your nerves with a thing; you intentionally attack him with the "Sword of the Spirit", which is the Word of God!

In short Doves, "Resist" means that a move on our part is expected; not just a recline of ignoring a situation or Satan! Satan loves when we just ignore his tactics, strongholds, torments, etc.... When a war is in progress and one side "Retreats", it is a sign that we give up, you win; have it your way; we accept (accommodate) what you intend to do to us!

Doves, we are sent forth by our God to "Resist". To do anything less is to willfully "Accommodate" (adapt to, fit in with the wishes of, make room/space for) Satan's intrusion!

The question is...."Resisting" or "Accommodating", what will you/we do?

Thought to Think On: Have you ever rebuked and rebuked Satan by saying "The Lord Rebuke You Satan", only to continue having to deal with the issue time and time again? "NEWS FLASH"....Maybe, just maybe, God is waiting on you to pick up the "Sword of the Spirit" (Word of God) and use "IT" against your adversary the devil to "RESIST" him!

That's exactly what Jesus did during his Temptation in the Wilderness. Each time Satan retreated. He came back not with the same temptation, but with something new. Each thing Satan tried to tempt Jesus with was cut down by the Sword of the Spirit (Word of God)!

Doves, the baton is in our hands; how shall we run with it? "Accommodating or Resisting".... Ready, Set, Go!!!!!!

Bless You Doves!

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