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The Prayer of Silence

“Pay attention, Job, and listen to me;

be silent, and I will speak.

If you have anything to say, answer me;

speak up, for I want to vindicate you.

But if not, then listen to me;

be silent, and I will teach you wisdom.”

Job 33:31-33

I’m reading a book on different types of prayers and one of the prayers is the prayer of silence. We often pray with too many words. There’s a passage in Matthew 6:7 where Jesus talks about saying our prayers to be heard, or prayers of many words. Silence is important, but silence is hard, it is an art. Sometimes we think that we have to say something, but silence does not have to consist of “nothing.”

When we sit in silence, that’s when God speaks. Silence brings peace. Silence allows us to hear the voice of God. Yes, we can still hear his voice. He is a God that does not change. But, are we listening?

I challenge you to spend some time in silence. Take a notebook and write down what he says.

This morning as I sat in silence, he gave me scriptures to pray for our church as we look for the next pastor that dealt with being a pastor, and it’s a large responsibility. 

Pastors has to be prepared any season to correct, rebuke, encourage with great patience and careful instruction according to 2 Timothy 4:2.

A pastor is one who will keep watch over himself and his flock which the Holy Spirit has made him overseer. We are to pray for Pastors, who were purchased with the blood of Christ, according to Acts 20:28.

A pastor, and any teacher, are held to a stricter judgment, according to James 3:1.

If I had not kept silent this morning, the Holy Spirit could not lead me in the direction of how to pray for our next pastor. What will the Holy Spirit say to you when you keep silent?

The power of silence…

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